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Are you interested in doing a board year at FOSST? 

Here you can find information about what positions are available and the exact functions of each.


FOSST is a part time board, and the main function of the board is to help and support all student sports associations, which we do through organizing certain events and financial aid. We are also the point of reference for active students in the Sports Center.




Vincent Moonen (Chairman 2021-2022):

My main focus is to have close contact with other boards, university and the Sports Center, while keeping the FOSST board operational. I host chairmen meetings, I have contact with the head of the Sports Center and the rector Magnificus of the University and I am involved in the Sport council of the municipality. Besides that, the chairman of FOSST is automatically a board member of TiGeAk. In the end, the focus of the Chairman is to strive for improvement and growth of the student sport experience. Not only for the members of the SSA’s but for all ambitious sporting students.

Ionut Neagu (Secretary 2021-2022):

While being a secretary may not sound like a fun position, I found it to be most fitting for those who want to bring something to the table in the association without having any previous experience. It's a position that will teach you a lot about responsibility, fast-thinking, and being efficient. The main tasks of the secretary are taking notes during meetings, accompanying the chairman in meetings, planning events & meetings, planning sports with other sports associations… The position is fluid, you are not bound to the office or a specific place.





Lars Briels (Treasurer 2021-2022):

As the treasurer of FOSST you will be responsible for the financial side of the association. FOSST is the umbrella association for all 25 Student Sport Associations in Tilburg and your main job is to financially support these associations. You will have to help the associations as good as possible but always within the budget.

Besides all the working you will be a part of a group of board member with whom you are going to have a great year with lots of activities, sports and (if you want) beers!

Noah Kybartas (Events Manager 2021-2022):

Perhaps the most fluid position in the board. You choose how often you want to organise events. Being an events manager in the board of all sports in Tilburg has a lot of perks - you are welcome to organise almost any type of event as long as its sport related. The position in a part time board requires about 8h per week, but again, it really is up to you. The tasks consist of planning, meetings, supervision - a lot of social action and people management. It is the perfect opportunity to improve your social skills, build your network and become more organised.


Events Manager


PR Manager

Monica van Ginkel (Personal Relations Manager 2021-2022):

One of the main functions of this position is to manage and update the social media of FOSST (Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn) and the website. You are also in charge of making promotion for the events FOSST organises, and helping the Sports Associations promote their associations and events. You will be in close contact with the communications manager of the Sports Center and actively participate in tasks such as running a promotion campaign on campus.

Daan Lentfert (Sports Manager 2021-2022):

In the first months the main tasks consist of helping your fellow board members and the SSA’s. The board members might need help with borrowing equipment or providing sponsored prizes for certain events. SSA’s can come to you for scheduling problems or general questions about the way things are organized through the sports center. In January or February the real fun starts. You will be responsible for team Tilburg at the Batavierenrace in April. Your tasks are to promote the event and get people excited, to keep all SSA’s informed and help during the event. These months are busy, but also very exciting and a great learning opportunity.


Sports Manager

Did any of the positions catch your interest?


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